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In the podcast from January 6 we introduced the various tools we have had the benefit of using over the years to find a greater clarity. We promised to share the tools we have used with you. Here is a chance to see yourself in a new light, to take a deeper look inside and find strengths you might not know you have.

Please note that these tools are listed in a random order. We have compiled notes but do not recommend any of these tools over any other. We simply found this particular selection informative or interesting to at least one of us.

Myers-Briggs Personality Testing – a Jungian tool for examining your current personality tendencies. Please keep in mind that as you learn new skills and experience more diverse events your results may change. If you have not taken this test in a while it may be worth to see if it is still the same as it was last time you took the test.

The Big Five Personality Test – This test measures what many psychologists consider to be the five fundamental dimensions of personality.

The ACE Score – ACE stands for Adverse Childhood Experiences. This study examines your childhood experiences and via a series of questions and answers it assigns a score to you and provides an explanation on some behavioural patterns you may be experiencing.

Astrological Birth Chart – you can use any number of sites to calculate your birth chart. The results are usually quite interesting. Personal Astrology has been used for centuries by many cultures and continues to fascinate people all over the world. Here are two sites where you can calculate your chart (remember to find out your exact time of birth for the calculation):

Feelings Inventory – if you are feeling challenged with unexplained emotions or challenges it may bring some clarity to do a feelings inventory. Simply look over the list and see what stands out.

The Authentic Happiness Project – A long term study in personal happiness and resilience where you can take a number of tests and quizzes to measure your current happiness score, check on your strengths or relationships.

Face Reading Session – A session with a professional trained in Psychosomatic Therapy who can interpret the facial tension and flesh distribution in order to discover habitual thoughts and potentials of the person.
Finally if after taking these tests and quizzes you find you have more questions you can always book a session with one of us to provide clarity and guidance to realign you with your own personal excellence.

Tune into our podcast for some of the most valuable hours of your day!

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