Agnieszka Evenson

“Helping you shine uniquely to bring you closer to who you are.”

Integrated Transformational Coach, Agnieszka Evenson is a dynamic teacher and leader with several years of experience, shining the light on new opportunities for achievement and fulfilment. Winning awards in public speaking and leadership recognition; she has also acquired a vast array of resources to share her collection of experience by providing tools for your next challenge.

Agnieszka resides in Victoria, BC in beautiful Canada.

As a transformational coach, she empowers individuals with an understanding of life to quickly and dramatically shift their current barriers and make way for what is desired.

As a master psychosomatic therapist specializing in body analysis she assists clients with discovering their potential and internal communication. Agnieszka invites you to learn about your body memory and how it displays messages from your mind for all to see. After all, we all understand Body Language innately at some level. Psychosomatic therapy assists you in understanding where your energy gets stuck and what specific steps to take towards healing. The challenges you experience today in your emotional body tend to eventually show up as actual, physical ailments and dis-eases. A full BodyMind analysis allows you to take stock of what’s ailing you and what you can do about it. 

Agnieszka is direct and straight forward and utilises a variety of tools in healing processes for her clients.

Before Transformational Coaching, Agnieszka worked as a small business marketing strategist and trainer. She has a passion for discovering people’s enthusiasm for life and providing a space for them to achieve self-awareness, problem resolutions and pride in their accomplishments. She is highly energetic and continually employs out-of-the-box thinking to arrive at creative solutions.  Agnieszka has a unique style of empathic conversationalist, placing you in control of your situation using appreciative inquiry and transformational coaching to explore your challenges.

Agnieszka offers remedies to help cultivate and achieve a peace of mind in both emotional and physical well-being. She is committed to discovering solutions for a variety of associated blockages with a deep understanding of the habitual muscle patterns and the energies governing the Body-Mind connection. Her innovative, simple solutions have improved the lives and businesses of many clients and students across North America.

Agnieszka shines a light on your challenges to cultivate awareness and implement practical steps towards your ultimate autonomy. 

Some of the processes and techniques used in group and individual sessions:

  • Somatic intelligence and analysis
  • Face Reading
  • Body language interpretations
  • Psychosomatic Therapy 
  • Lifestyle strategy
  • Business strategy



  • Advanced Communicator Bronze (ACB) June 27, 2014, Foothills Toastmasters Club
  • Advanced Leader Bronze (ALB) June 04, 2013, Foothills Toastmasters Club
  • Competent Leader (CL) June 04, 2013, Foothills Toastmasters Club
  • Competent Communicator (CC) May 25, 2012, Foothills Toastmasters Club
  • Communications Director for a non profit Unity of Calgary – 2010-2018


Having both worked directly with her as well as observed her in a coaching relationship I can vouch for her incredible ability to get to the root of an issue and use her wonderfully creative mind to add insight to a situation in ways that always leave one feeling inspired and energized. She will bring value and quality to any coaching session and her passion for working with young people is evident in everything she does. Peter Kieran, client




I have had the pleasure of listening to Agnieszka’s coaching “in action” several times and can, without a doubt, speak to her excellence as a coach. She has a great passion for coaching and being of service to others. Her exceptional ability to listen and create meaning and results for her clients means you will not be dissappointed! ~ Kathleen Bathory, teacher