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Informative, deep, funny & personal. Great discussion.
Practical tools for your self improvement toolbox every week!

Wednesdays at 5:35 PM ET / 4:35 PM CT / 2:35 PM PT

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Dennis Eckart
Nuremberg, Germany

Zoning in with capoeira, health and nutrition, tuning you into your own body.

Agnieszka Evenson
Victoria, BC, Canada

360° Health Coaching that combines psychology, body mind awareness and herbalism.

Willow H. Grimm
Richmond, Virginia, USA

Creating opportunities to befriend the voices in your head and be cozy in your own skin.

Michael Nimetz
Acapulco, Mexico

Bright ideas in business and dealing with reality, connecting you with your core.

Are life’s challenges keeping you from succeeding?

Do you sometimes wish there was a manual for life?

What if there were tools that could help?

The Raising Excellence Show was created specifically to ease your journey and provide you the tools schooling should have given you, but it did not. The funding was probably cut for the curriculum on understanding your own psychology. 

It’s not too late!

We are here now and we’re itching to share with you all we learned. Each of us has been studying the human mind, what makes humans react in a certain way and how we can overcome the small and large traumas we have carried from childhood.

Every Monday we introduce a new topic. We share what each of us knows about it and how we have overcome similar challenges in our lives. We often have specialist guests who help us paint a fuller picture of solutions that you can implement right away. 

Questions? Comments? Need a private session?

Contact us using the form below. If you would like to book a private session please indicate who you would like to see and what is your favourite mode of communication (Skype, Zoom, other). 

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